X4 Labs Reviews, Testimonials and Before and After Results

Are you ready to take the first step and begin the process of achieving your goals when it comes to the size or even straightness of your penis?

  • Do you feel like you are coping with your penis?
  • Could it be longer, bigger, or just plain better in some way?

For many guys, the solution they’ve been seeking out appears to be in the for of the X4 Labs penis extender. You might have even come onto this review because you’ve seen so many positive things said about this product and wanted to see if they were true.

Does the X4 Labs Penis Extender Work?

official-siteIt absolutely works!

It even comes with a 6 month guarantee that will let you get your money back if you’re not 100% satisfied.

You literally have nothing to lose by trying this product!

Not only is it completely safe, but you can even pay for it in installments and return the product immediately to further limit your risks. If you don’t get results, return the product and you don’t pay. Plain and simple!

Ordering is safe and secure.

Nobody will know what you’re doing. After looking at this product, we fully recommend it to you because of the low risk that you assume to get a potentially high reward. For a straighter penis, a larger penis, or just a better penis, the X4 Labs penis extender has the tools you need to get the results you want. Take a look for yourself today!

X4 Labs Offers Several Packages

Our recommendation is to start with the Deluxe Package with the 58 way quad support system.

It will save you some cash over ordering the premium package and let’s face it – the primary difference between deluxe and premium are penile exercises. The best exercises you can do is to flex your PC muscles – like when you stop the flow of urine. The rest of it isn’t going to work well for most guys because exercises require you to be hands on… and we all know what happens when you go hands on with a penis.


If you have a curvature in your penis, then the Peyronies package is a better option for you.

If you want the luxury items, then by all means go forth and get them, but you’re not going to decrease the time it takes to get a longer penis with luxury items. Using a comfortable package as directed can start showing you results in as little as 6 weeks – go with value more than luxury.

What Is the X4 Labs Best Buy?

If you invest into the Deluxe package + 58 Way Quad Support System = $259.90 – you’ll get the maximum for money paid. If you still want to give penis exercises a try, then our recommendation is to invest into the X4 Labs™ Premium Edition Extender + 58 Way Quad Support System = $349.90 – it is the best seller for a reason!

Is the Extra $60 Worth the 58 Way Quad System Support?

Why do we always recommend the 58 way quad system support?

Because this is what makes the X4 Labs penis extender stand out from the competition! You get better comfort and better comfort leads to better results.

the-bestAfter reading thousands of reviews we see that gays don’t tend to wear penis extenders for as long as they should because they can irritate the skin, cause pain, or create generalized discomfort.

The 58 way quad support system designed by X4 Labs eliminates the discomfort and the final barrier that many guys have to achieving authentic results.

If you’re not keen on paying for the full upgrade, the standard 16 way system is still better than any of the competing products on the market today. If you like it, then add the enhanced system later on as a spare.

Why Choose the X4 Labs Penis Extender?

If you want to improve the size, girth, or straightness of your penis, then you’ve only got three basic options available to you. You could:

  1. have a surgical procedure done that could add the appearance of length to your penis;
  2. start taking pills, supplements, and other medication that promise larger, bigger dicks; or
  3. you can use a medical device that will stretch the tissues of your penis to form the foundation of penis growth.

Option 1 has been shown to be effective for some guys, but as with any surgery, there are some pretty serious complications that you’re putting yourself at risk of getting when you go under the knife. That includes ending up with a shorter penis instead of a longer one!

Option 2 has generally been proven to be ineffective. Pills are less about size and more about performance. Now if you’ve got a blood flow issue going on, penis pills can help to relax your blood vessels and improve circulation in your dick, thereby giving you a harder, stronger erection. That might give the appearance of better size, but it’s not really size.

Option 3 is your most reliable option and that’s what the X4 Labs penis extender happens to be.
It’s a medical device made from high quality materials that’s comfortable to use. Best of all, it’s also reasonably priced!

Do You Need To Straighten Your Penis?
Is Your Penis Curved?

A little curve can be visually bothersome to some guys, but that’s what the X4 Labs penis extender is designed to fix. Most guys actually have a curved penis and they want it straighten.

What this product is designed to do is stretch that compacted tissues called plaque that mimic the effects of scar tissue that sometimes develop on the penis. This is what is generally called Peyronies Disease and that is what this device is designed to treat.

Now you can straighten your dick with this device and make your penis looks even bigger.

x4-labsVisit the Official X4 Labs Website
Your purchase is protected by a FULL 180 DAY no question asked money back guarantee.

Do You Have Any Questions?

If you have specific questions about how this penis extender could work for you, then be sure to contact X4 Labs directly by e-mail or chat. Your information is completely private and there is no way for you to be tracked using the live chat if you have an immediate and perhaps embarrassing question you may want to have answered.

Your privacy is guaranteed.

Extra tip: Call now 1-866-851-8858 for an expert advice and say you’ve read the X4 Labs review to get premium support for free.