How Do You Use a Penis Extender To Achieve Maximum Results?

Have you invested into a penis extender and want to use it in the best way possible?
Maybe you’re thinking about investing into a penis extender like the one that is offered by X4 Labs and you’d like to know what to expect?

There is a way to use a penis extender to achieve maximum results so that you can get the length and girth that you want.

Let’s take a look below at the steps needed to make sure you get the most out of your investment!

Tip #1: Add Tension Bars

The tension bars are one of the critical components of a successful experience with a penis extender.

x4-labs-how-toFirst you must remove the support piece carefully to keep the integrity of the unit intact! These tension bars are going to put the right amount of stretch and traction onto your penis, so make sure you can feel the pressure when you have the device on. If you feel uncomfortable or painful, then you’ve got too much pressure! Remove one of the tension bars.

Tip #2: Use the Silicone Harness Effectively

One of the classic mistakes that guys make is that they don’t have the tension bars long enough for the size of their penis. This is what causes a majority of the injuries when using an extender. When you’ve confirmed the size, is correct, then simply slip the device around your penis and attach the silicone harness. You’ll get space-age foam for added comfort with X4 Labs. You then put the head of your penis through the harness comfortably and then make sure you lock the harness into place.

Tip #3: Stretch Out the Padding You’re Using

Because X4 Labs utilizes what is essentially an early version of memory foam, what you’re getting is a tightened foam pad that scan secure your penis to the extender or provide added comfort. To maximize the amount of comfort or to make sure you’re penis is attached securely using a foam padded strap, take a few moments to stretch out the padding first to make sure that it isn’t so snug that it cuts off the circulation to your penis. Don’t make it too loose, however, because then the foam will become ineffective.

Tip #4: Fine Tune the Extender

Once you’ve attached and secured the X4 Labs penis extender, you’ll need to make sure that the device is tuned to your body. To accomplish this, you’ll need to push down on the support piece to compress the tension springs. Do this before you make the finalizing the attachment.

X4 Labs offers three levels of tension that are easy to measure:

  • 700g
  • 1400g
  • 2100g

You can tell which level of tension you are using based on the line guide that you’ll see on the device as you look down upon it. Set it to the level that is most comfortable for you and you’re ready to begin stretching your penis!

When you use the X4 Labs penis extender the right way, you can expect to get good results. Why not try it for yourself today?