How To Stretch Your Penis To Get the Best Results

Penis stretching is one of the most effective ways to increase the size and straighten the curvature of a penis, which means there are plenty of marketing schemes in place today that are trying to capitalize on that fact and your needs. What you need is an effective method of stretching that is cost-effective, yet still give you a quality result.

There are two primary ways that penis stretching is accomplished successfully. Let’s take a look at those two methods in a little more detail below!

Penis Extenders Provide Quality Results

So what is a penis extender?

penis-stretching-deviceIt’s not like hair extensions where you hook something onto your dick and have an instantly larger penis that looks realistic from a distance!

It’s a medical device that you attach to your body and then wear throughout the day. It stretches out your penis by providing light, consistent pressure on the Corpora Cavernosa, which encourages the cells in this area of your penis to divide and grow.

That’s what encourages your penis to have a longer length! As this happens over time, you’ll notice a visual difference in the size of your penis. For guys that are below average in size, say 4 inches when fully erect or less, the visual changes can be quite dramatic! To get a quality result, you need a quality product. Here’s three questions we recommend asking of each device you’re considering:

  • Is the device medically approved?
  • Are there ways to effectively pad the device as you’re wearing it so you won’t injure yourself while trying to achieve a result?
  • Is the device able to be adjusted so that it can work with you throughout the day or at night while you sleep?

penis-exercisePenis Exercises Are Another Way To Get a Quality Result

Some guys swear by penis exercises as the most effective way to stretch their penis. This method is more difficult than wearing an extender and will require more dedication on your part. You’ll need to be careful about the amount of force you apply when you are performing the exercises. You’ll also need to be at least partially erect in order to successfully get a result, yet be able to control the actual intensity of the erection so that you can stretch the tissues.

A lot of exercise recommendations are that you do these exercises for about 10 minutes per day, but realistically you’ll need to do at least an hour of work to begin seeing results within the first 6 months. The more time you are able to put in doing these exercises, the shorter amount of time it will take to develop results.

bigger-dickWhich method is right for you?

Exercises might be effective for some guys, but a penis extender is often recommended first so that the best results can be achieved in the shortest amount of time possible.